Maeve Redmond, Cove Park

Maeve Redmond, Cove Park
ImageCove Park, Photograph by Alan Dimmick

Manifesto point 2 - We identify craft as a contemporary and traditional art form and as a creative industry.

“Craft is an art form and therefore needs to be nurtured in the same way that other creative disciplines are. Making is a process and time spent on research and development is essential to a maker’s growth. This can often be overlooked when a maker is focused on turning a profit to keep a small business going. Our dedicated Craft & Design residency programme at Cove Park is one space that provides an opportunity for uninterrupted time for experimentation with materials and thinking around one’s practice conceptually. Having their efforts recognised in this way, helps to validate a maker’s practice, and increases confidence to continue in their work.

As a residency centre we actively bring people together from different disciplines, and from different parts of the world. Creating spaces for conversation between makers and other creative practitioners, and between those local and international, helps to cement craft’s validity amongst other visual cultures. This is vital to facilitating individual makers and the craft sector in Scotland to grow.


Maeve Redmond is an independent graphic designer. Based in Glasgow, UK, she works primarily with artists, writers and cultural organisations to design; publications, billboards, campaigns, visual identities and websites. She collaborates with curators and artists on commissions to exhibit work resulting from her design practice and is the Craft & Design programmer at Cove Park.