Garvald Textiles Studio

Garvald Textiles Studio
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Manifesto point 4 - We strive for fair access to craft and making for all.

“Garvald Textiles is a studio based in Edinburgh that provides a creative space to enable adults with a variety of learning disabilities to work with textiles.  We focus on teaching traditional and contemporary textile craft methods to make a wide range of craft products.  The making process allows the individual to learn skills, which give meaning, purpose and quality in life. At Garvald Textiles we celebrate these skills as part of Scotland’s creative and cultural heritage and through our making process we share this with the wider community.”


Garvald Textiles is a studio workshop based within Garvald Edinburgh.

Garvald Edinburgh is a charity that provides creative opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. We are inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner which is grounded in creativity, the individual and their place in the community.

A dynamic and broad range of arts and crafts are on offer including ceramics, glasswork, woodwork, weaving and textiles as well as puppet making and performance.

Layla Tree and Caroline Swift have been teaching textiles at Garvald Edinburgh over 16 years. They both trained at Heriot Watt University in woven textiles and have developed their textile practice to work with a variety of client groups. They are currently developing small textile and wellbeing focused workshops based in nature.