Kevin Gauld

Kevin Gauld
ImageKevin Gauld, Photograph by Rebecca Marr

Manifesto point 5 - We develop pioneering minds through lifelong learning.

“As a designer maker, I have always based my work on great design and exceptional craftsmanship. I believe that these are the best foundations to build any craft business from. My work, like other Scottish makers, is uniquely linked to location and, although each location has its own benefits and challenges, working together and sharing knowledge is for the benefit of everyone.

Running a creative business can be hugely rewarding in many ways and providing the right learning opportunities is fundamental to getting craft businesses started on the right foot. Getting things right from the start is one of the keys to success. Having a creative business means you never stop learning; the more knowledge and experience you have, the more skills you have for developing your business opportunities, so access to new learning opportunities is important for business development. Craft businesses have such a strong connection to their work that they care about much more than just making a profit. One of the most rewarding things for me in my work is the minimal impact it has on the environment and that it is sustainable.”


Born and raised in Orkney, Kevin Gauld left school at the age of 16 to apprentice with a well known local furnituremaker, eventually leading to him establishing his business as The Orkney Furniture Maker in 2007.

Kevin has an eye for good design and is passionate about sourcing the right materials. Interpreting traditional designs into his own style, many of his designs are inspired by pieces of traditional furniture found in Orkney. Kevin’s work brings together his passion for local traditional techniques and materials, combining them with innovation and design to create unique pieces.