Sheelagh Boyce, Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way

Sheelagh Boyce, Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way
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Manifesto point 8 - We recognise craft as a leader in ethical, environmental and sustainable business practice.

“We see our quilts as both a part of the refined tradition of laboriously crafted storytelling and of the obviously beautiful ethical claim inherent in its layered recycling.”


Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way collect, inherit and are given clothes and materials, used and loved. These are then meticulously unpicked to reveal their original pattern shapes. We will choose the subject of the quilt- often inspired by our memories and experiences of places from the history of  modern architecture, and then marry the two. One informs the other in more or less equal measure. We machine sew the front and back and then hand quilt. This is the unifying element of the process.

Whilst taking inspiration from traditional American and Japanese quilt making techniques, we are not bound by them. Instead we bring many outside influences and contradictions to their construction.