MAKE Learn is a partnership between MAKE and Craft Scotland designed to strengthen Scotland’s craft sector through a review of the provision and development of craft education within Scotland’s primary and secondary schools and beyond.

A Research Paper, led by Craft Scotland with researcher Rosemary James-Beith, will map out best practice for craft education. The paper will be published in June 2021.

A Pilot Schools Project, led by MAKE with maker Soizig Carey, intends to focus on the value of craft education within and beyond the school setting and will take place from March to June 2021.


Project Overview

MAKE Learn has been developed within the framework of the MAKE: Manifesto, which launched in September 2019, and is guided by three key areas identified through the MAKE Happen event, which took place in October 2019:

Ensuring access for children and young people to making skills and introducing children and young people to career paths within craft, art and design.

Digital Resourcing and Connectivity
Supporting networking, knowledge sharing and skills development.

Diversity and Inclusion
Broadening the audience base and ensuring routes into craft as a career are sustainable, open and accessible to all.

Project Outline

Research Paper

The Research Paper aims to audit and evidence current provision and best practice models for craft education in primary and secondary in Scotland. It will achieve this through survey and case study and will aim to identify key issues and propose recommendations to best tackle inequality in craft education, to change perceptions of craft, identify career paths and to facilitate new experiences and opportunities for all of Scotland’s young people.

Pilot Project for Schools

The Pilot Project for Schools aims to explore meaningful engagement with materials – aimed at both children within local authority primary schools and those children, reaching beyond their educational setting, within differing levels of economic and digital poverty. Working with Scotland-based makers, we will create a pilot programme that will be delivered within both an urban and a rural area to explore and introduce traditional and contemporary craft practice in Scotland; materials and their connection to place and the natural world; the circular economy. These topics will be considered through the development of a craft skill, playfulness, creativity and experimentation.

Researcher Rosemary James-Beith and maker Soizig Carey share some of their thoughts on their work and the year ahead. Click the link below to find out more.

Q+A with Rosemary and Soizig

Schools Survey

We’ve surveyed makers, now it’s time to focus on schools…

Are you a Primary or Secondary teacher in Scotland who delivers craft education?

We’d like to know more about what’s happening across Scotland in this area, and how it might be supported to develop further.

Please complete this short survey to tell us more!

The survey results will contribute to a research report due to be published in June 2021, informing priorities and recommendations for the development of craft education.

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