Pilot Schools Project

The Pilot Project for Schools explored meaningful engagement with materials, encouraging craft making and experimentation – aimed at P5 – 7 children within local authority primary schools across Glasgow and the Isle of Bute.

MAKE commissioned three makers based in Scotland – Eve Eunson, Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong and Deirdre Nelson to explore traditional craft practice in Scotland, materials, their connection to place and the natural world, and adopting circular economies in relation to their own practices.

Each maker responded to these themes through the development of a craft skill, playfulness, creativity and experimentation, resulting in three activities and accompanying guides.



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Image: Making Impressions Schools Activity Kit / Image: Gordon Burniston

Eve Eunson

Architect and Designer-Maker Eve Eunson was born and raised on Fair Isle, Shetland, and studied Art and Architecture in Aberdeen. In 2018, with no previous woodworking experience and little knowledge of vernacular furniture she began an ambitious research project to trace, survey and recreate the traditional chairs of her native isle. Through the Fair Isle Chairs Project, the Heritage Crafts Association became aware of the precarious nature of the future of the Fair Isle Strawback Chair and listed the technique on their Red List of Critically Endangered Crafts. Inspired by Fair Isle strawback chairs, Eve’s ‘Knotted Baskets’ guide shows how to make your own basket using the same knotting and binding technique – now a critically endangered craft.

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Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong

Stefanie Ying Lin Cheong is an Artist Jeweller from Fife, whose work is underpinned by ethical making that considers processes, industry practices and materials. Stefanie works predominantly in Fairtrade and recycled metals, combined with rock which she sources from across Scotland. She uses traditional stone cutting techniques with a contemporary aesthetic often with interchangeable elements that encourage the wearer to consider sustainable design. Stefanie’s guide ‘Making Impressions’ explores materials and their connection to the man made and natural world and shows how to cast your own future fossil using natural materials.

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Deirdre Nelson

Deirdre Nelson is an Irish artist-maker creating textiles which explore humour, place and social history. She partners traditional techniques with contemporary processes such as digital print, to create work which is not only exhibited but presented through artist residencies and within education and community projects. Deirdre’s practice has been aptly described as ‘quiet activism’, advocating for the circular economy and environmental and social justice. ‘Care not Consume’ is a series of activities designed by Deirdre, focused on the circular economy and mending textiles so we can keep them for a long time.

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