MAKE is a manifesto for craft in Scotland

MAKE is drawn from the aspirations, ambitions and concerns of Scotland’s many-sided craft community and is here to positively influence the perception of craft in Scotland and do so from the ‘ground-up'.

MAKE will harness collective action to ensure that we make the future of craft in Scotland strong and vibrant.

MAKE is committed to:

—Being clear, useful and accessible to all.
—Sharing and linking to other resources, agencies, bodies and institutions.
—Lobbying, influencing and advocating.

MAKE is currently hosted by Panel, an independent curatorial practice led by Catriona Duffy and Lucy McEachan. Based in Glasgow, Panel promotes design and craft in relation to particular histories, archives and collections through exhibitions, events and cultural projects. To develop MAKE, and build support for its aims across Scotland, Panel is working with independent craft specialist Helen Voce.

For MAKE Alice Dansey-Wright has been commissioned to make a series of illustrations, featured across the website, that reference the tools and processes of making. Alice is an artist with a multi-disciplinary practice encompassing mural painting, community engagement, and fashion/textile design. She regularly collaborates with other makers exploring where art, design and craft intersect. For this commission, her research encompassed Knitting, Ceramics, Jewellery, Stone Carving, Paper Making, Basketry, Mosaics, Stone Working, Metal Working, Glass Work, Furniture Making, Tapestry, Weaving, Printing, Leather Working, Textiles and Millinery.


MAKE is kindly supported by the William Grant Foundation