MAKE is a manifesto for craft in Scotland and is drawn from the aspirations and ambition of Scotland's many-sided craft community.

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Pilot Schools Project Kit
MAKE Support Activity Guide by Laura Murray
MAKE with the Knit Shop
Craft and Making Education in Scotland Case Study

Our Campaign

Our rolling advocacy campaign, MAKE Learn is championing the long term value of teaching craft and making skills from early years through to further education.

MAKE is calling for an entitlement for every primary school child of 10 hours of craft and making in the classroom every year. This is the equivalent of 1% of the school year.

MAKE is calling for the inclusion of craft in the Expressive Art curriculum with an addition to the Art and Design Experiences and Outcomes Benchmarks.

MAKE with the Knit Shop

MAKE with the Knit Shop is a two-year teacher development project designed to embed craft approaches in schools.

Together with partners Knit Shop and Dundee Creative Learning Network, the project explores the value and potential of teaching craft across the curriculum and equips teachers with the skills, knowledge, confidence and experience, to provide quality education and impactful learning through the arts.


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Resource Spotlight

Craft and Making Education in Scotland Today

Craft and making education can contribute to learning and attainment across the curriculum; improving mental health and wellbeing; driving employability in a range of sectors and developing capacities to respond to the climate emergency.
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