Supporting makers in response to the Covid-19 crisis

From April – June 2020, MAKE delivered a programme of resources, advice sessions, commissions and micro-grants to support makers in Scotland, delivered in partnership with Applied Arts Scotland and in association with Craft Scotland


Opportunities and advice for makers, craftspeople and small craft organisations in Scotland


Finance Guide for the Craft Sector during the Covid-19 Crisis

our guide for makers, craftspeople and designer-makers

Written with accountant John O’Neill, our succinct resource is tailored for makers, craftspeople, designer-makers and small craft organisations. The guide was updated weekly during April, May and June 2020 and contains up-to-date resources, links and opportunities into July 2020.


Finance Advice for the Craft Sector during the Covid-19 Crisis

top tips on managing your finance and answers to your questions from accountant John O'Neill

Designed around questions gathered from makers and small craft businesses across Scotland, download our 12 tops tips to managing your finances and answers to 15 key questions on understanding how to access available support.



applications now closed

In partnership with Applied Arts Scotland, MAKE contributed funds to support six micro-grants of £250 each for makers in Scotland as a part of the Visual Arts Scotland’s (VAS) Emergency Art Workers Support Fund second round.

Applications closed on 15 May 2020. Check the VAS website for updates on a possible third round of funding.


One-to-One Finance Advice Sessions

applications now closed

During May and June 2020, MAKE supported makers in Scotland facing immediate economic uncertainty through an advice session with accountant John O’Neill of The O’Neill Partnership. Makers received a £150 preparation fee.


Group Finance Advice Session / Self-Employed

this session has now taken place

In partnership with Applied Arts Scotland and with accountant John O’Neill of The O’Neill Partnership, this group session, specifically for makers, whether self-employed or managing a portfolio of incomes, presented discussions on managing finances and navigating available financial support.

Thursday 14 May, 11:30am – 12:45pm

Check out our Finance Advice for a summary of key questions from makers at the session.

Group Finance Advice Session / Organisations

this session has now taken place

In partnership with Applied Arts Scotland and with accountant John O’Neill of The O’Neill Partnership, this group session, specifically for small craft organisations, presented discussions on managing your finances and navigating available financial support.

Wednesday 6 May, 11:30am – 12:45pm

Check out our Finance Advice for a summary of key questions from makers at the session.


Traditional and contemporary craft activities for families to make and do at home


MAKE Craft Activity Guides

download and print our guides by Scotland's craft makers

Created by practising makers in Scotland, our series of five Craft Activity Guides provide families with an imaginative craft challenge, plus the opportunity to explore contemporary and traditional craft processes and learn new skills. The series of downloadable double-sided, A4 guides are accessible for different levels, fun and free!

Craft Activity Guide 5 / Janette Budge of ShetlandPeerieMakkers - MAKE Finger Knitted Garlands

Learn how to make a decorative finger knitted garland for your home or garden. Great for hand flexibility and suitable for all ages from pre-schoolers to pensioners.

Janette Budge is a Fair Isle knitting teacher and designer born and brought up on a croft in the Shetland Isles. She is a ShetlandPeerieMakkers Tutor, a charity setup to teach traditional Shetland knitting skills to young people in Shetland through an organised volunteer network of knitting tutors and assistants.


Craft Activity Guide 4 / Naomi Mcintosh - MAKE Tessellating Paper Wall Pieces

Try paper folding to make a sculptural wall piece with a meditative focus. By using processes and concepts that Naomi uses in her studio, be guided through simple steps to transform paper into sculptural pieces that have endless possibilities!

Naomi Mcintosh is a designer and artist maker. Jewellery is at the core of her practice and is produced by combining digital and hand processes, taking inspiration from movement, patterns, architecture, landscape and the natural world.


Craft Activity Guide 3 / WovenWillow - MAKE Natural string from everyday plants

Encouraged to experiment with material beyond willow, WovenWillow has discovered a wealth of plants in our everyday lives that are accessible to all and can be gathered and used with ease. Discover the best time to harvest plants, which parts to use, how to prepare them for making cordage and learn the technique needed to bind your material together to make a strong natural string!

Rachel Bower is WovenWillow, a professional basketmaker based in Angus, north east Scotland.


Craft Activity Guide 2 / Laura Murray - MAKE Handmade Stamps

Make your own handmade printing stamps, using old wooden blocks and craft foam, and design and print your own fun patterns on greeting cards, wrapping paper or whatever you like!

Laura Murray, a jeweller based in Glasgow, makes ranges of jewellery and one off pieces including intricate bags, lockets or pomanders made in silver and textiles.


Craft Activity Guide 1 / Chalk Plaster – MAKE DO Scagliola

Scagliola is a traditional plastering technique used to imitate marble and other semi-precious stones. Make your own MAKE DO sculpture or moulded piece using more readily available materials which can produce a similar effect!

Ffion & Steven Blench formed Chalk Plaster in 2016, specialising in designing, restoring and producing decorative plasterwork.